Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Alex Rezende

Alex Rezende
Born and brought up in Sao Paulo,Brazil,I have always been surrounded by artistic influences within myfamily.A family of actors and artists!In 1995 I began working as a photographer's assistant in fashion shows and various events.Later,in 2001 I was asked   to write and present a programme on M.T.V Television.Between 2002 and 2003 I was involved in a selection of music programmes for local radio stations.In 2004 I met William and Brazilian artist,Ilka Lemos and was encouraged to pursue my artistic flair.In 2009 I moved to a small town in Rio state,Paraty where I opened a Gallery/Studio with William Duncan.In 2014 I moved to Bristol,U.K which is a great influence on my work.
My main medium is Digital and Collage.In 2016 I moved to Liverpool too explore new influences to improve my art.

2016-The Grant Bradley Gallery.SBA Arts-Group Exhibition.

2015-Royal West of England Academy Exhibition-Friends

2014-The Grant Bradley Gallery-Living In a Magic Forest

2014-Galeria Rio Sul- T.V Globo Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil-Group Exhibition

2014-Galeria Rio Sul- T.V Globo Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Group Exibition

2013-Primitive Secrets-Parlour Showrooms, Bristol with William Duncan

2012-Galeria Rio Sul- T.V Globo Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-Group Exibition

2012-Exposição 3 Asas Um Só Coração Do Caiçara ao Pop (Three wings , just one heart).

2011-2012-Technical course in boat building (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ),Paraty,Brazil

2009- Monalisede Paratienses-Galeria Belvedere,Paraty,Brazil-Group Exhibition

2008-Production and mounting William Duncan's 'Masks' exhibition,São Paulo,Brazil

2008-Street Art Central, São Paulo,Brazil with William Duncan

2007-São Paulo Underground station art work with William Duncan and Ilka Lemos,
São Paulo ,Brazil

2006-Production and mounting William Duncan's  'Women in Cycles

2004-Worked as an assistant for Brazilian artist Ilka Lemos,São Paulo,Brazil.

Favourite artists: Os Mutantes,Andy Warhol,Ron Mueck,Slinkachu,Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.

Playing with Dr.Zero 2007 Brazil São Paulo

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